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Dynocast is a company started its working in 1994 and since then it is engaged in developing and producing special line of products for use in high temperature applications and foundries. The company is owned and run by a qualified and experienced metallurgy engineer. Company’s R & D activities are ever ongoing and are supporting its production department to cater very high quality products to its customers.

Our main products are:
1. Exothermic Riser Sleeves
2. Insulating Riser Sleeves
3. Ceramic Foam Filters used for filtration of molten metals.
4. Breaker Cores for Blind Sleeves

Company has a trained qualified staff and infrastructure setup to produce quality products.

Dynocast is enjoying very good name in the market and has long list of satisfied customers since we also provide complete technical support to our customers. Even we undertake complete development of casting components including gating system design for our foundry customers.

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