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Ceramic Foam Filters / Silicon Carbide Foam Filters :
                                                                   Dynoast is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic foam filters / silicon carbide foam filters in india. We produce Ceramic Foam Filters / Silicon Carbide Foam Filters of extremely good quality that can match international quality standards. Unlike Ceramic Foam Filters / Silicon Carbide Foam Filters from other manufacturers Dynocast Make Ceramic Foam Filters / Silicon Carbide Foam Filters are cost effective.
                                                                   Dynocast make filters are famous among the indian clients and now we are looking forward towards international market for export orders.
We are one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic foam filters in india.
Ceramic Foam Filters / Silicon Carbide Foam Filters An Overview:    
1 Very high surface area Filtration efficiency is increased
2 Filter material is wetting to slags and non metallic Inclusions and is non wetting to metals. Micro inclusions are also trapped irrespective of pore size of the filter.
3 High mechanical strength at room temp. Safe and easy handling.
4 High service temp. strength Filter does not break or sag during service
5 Expertise in casting technology Expertise in foundry technology enables to provide customized solutions to your foundry problems
6 High Thermal Shock Resistance Filter does not break when it comes in sudden contact with high temp. liquid metal.
7 High standard raw materials are used in manufacture of foam filters Ensures consistency in quality
8 Rigorous QC/Inspection Process Ensures high and consistent quality.

Foam Filters For Aluminum Casting
Major Advantages of Using Foam Filters

• Reduced rejection rates and hence reduced cost of production.
• High Filtration efficiency ensures min. level of inclusions.
• Reduction in turbulence in metal flow prevents re oxidation of the metal after filtration.
• Filter does not act as choke in the system as is the case with ceramic strainers.
• Both cake and depth filtration is achieved.
• Filter does not chemically react with most of the metals and alloys.
• Savings in terms of metal, energy etc. by way of reducing rejection rates, increasing yield, reducing machining allowances, increasing   tool life.
• Enhancement in mechanical properties like tensile strength, elongation and impact strength of castings is achieved.
• Improved machineability of castings.
• Improved yield of castings as no complicated running systems are required to trap the slag and non metallic particles.

  Typical Properties Of SiC Foam Filters
1 Pore Sizes 10 & 20 PPI
2 Bulk Density 0.45 To 0.55 G/C.C.
3 Transverse Strength 1 Mpa At Room Temp.
4 Compressive Strength Mpa At Room Temp.
5 Volume Porosity 85 To 90 %
6 Thermal Shock Resistance
(1200° To 26° C.)
Min. 5 Cycles
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