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All riser sleeves are produced from very high quality materials to control the critical properties like M.E.F., Compressive strength, exothermicity etc. Quality parameters are continuously monitored through stringent process control and quality control procedures. This is the reason why our sleeves have become popular in the foundries.

Sr. No. Description Specifications
1 Bulk Density 0.40 to 0.50 g/c.c.
2 Permiability Min. AFS 50
3 Moisture at time of
1.5 % max.

Ceramic Foam Filters are produced from high quality silicon carbide, alumina and a high temp. ceramic bond. Our foam filters have high filtration capacity and filtration efficiency with excellent thermal shock resistance. Filters are produced under strict quality control procedures. We enjoy to be the first and only manufacturers of foam filters in India at present.

                 Typical Properties Of SiC Foam Filters

1 Pore Sizes 10 & 20 PPI
2 Bulk Density 0.45 To 0.55 G/C.C.
3 Transverse Strength 1 Mpa At Room Temp.
4 Compressive Strength Mpa At Room Temp.
5 Volume Porosity 85 To 90 %
6 Thermal Shock Resistance
(1200° To 26° C.)
Min. 5 Cycles

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